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Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing

Video recorded in January 2013. I used a Fender Squier, a little Drive, Compressor and Reverb.
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Beat it! Solo

This was one of the first of our videos on Youtube (2007).
In the original guitar solo Ed Van Halen played Michael Jackson´s Beat it!  in the key of E flat minor (Ebm). Well, at least that what is contained in the recordings available.
It was filmed with an Ibanez RG760, a guitar that has Floyd Rose tremolo with locking vibrato arm for guitar. A system like this reaches tunning stability through a system of springs which balance them with the guitar bridge. It prevents that just a guitar string can be tuned without unbalancing the other strings. So, I had to record the guitar solo in the key of Dm instead of Ebm. This makes it impossible to do the Riff correctly because 6th flat string is not available anymore to use. Due to this fact this video does not focus Riff guitar, but only the guitar solo.

Another Day Solo – Dream Theater

Another guitar solo recorded in 2007. The choice of this solo was made ​​because of the beauty of the construction of the melodic line added to the techniques used in full measure by John Petrucci, Dream Theater guitarist.

Country improvisation

A little improvisation that was made ​​upon a harmonic idea guided by country style.
In the recording I used a Fender Squier (Japanese), with Fender noiseless pickups. This guitar came right from Japan!
The country style is a very large musical language, with so many techniques that characterize the style, which we always have something new to learn and develop.

Red Card – Faíska

This song is from the Stratosfera album, second work of brazilian guitarist Faíska. I studied with him in the ’90s, and he himself was the one who taught me to play this song. Actually I disturbed him  to teach me this song (“disturbed” in a good way), note-by-note, the way it really was. So, it is consistent with the original.

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