Brazilian guitar player Evaldo Devellis

A brazilian guitar player – Musician for 30 years, Evaldo Devellis is a guitar player, classical guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

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He began his musicality in a self-taught. Subsequently sought to improve himself by studying with some masters, as the Brazilian guitar player Faíska, brazilian classical guitar player Diácomo Bartoloni and singer Professor Paulo Brito (singing – music theory).
He also studies at the  UNESP music college,  SOUZA LIMA Conservatory, VOICE music school and at the beginning of GIT in Brazil.

He played in several bands on the night of São Paulo, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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Being a musician and a Brazilian guitar player – in the own words of Evaldo (based on his website

“The music has helped transform my life in adolescence and continues transforming me, because when I play things that inspires me I feel something that excites me, give me strength and somehow ‘washes my soul’.
I believe that if music does not add beneficial factors in human life, for me it’s worth anything. This is the essence of the music I try to do.
I feel that music can change people’s lives, making them feel more deeply than the mere and palpable material context .

Currently scientific studies prove the effectiveness of music in the treatment of diseases (music therapy is an example), improving sports performance, as demonstrated by studies of Dr Costas Karageorghis, and a multitude of benefits of which I did and I belong to.
I think that the study of music is essential for the formation of self, even if the purpose of it is to use it in an amateur way.
I base this statement not only in scientific studies. I declare this mainly based on personal experience and the experience I had with students and music lovers over the course of my life process.
In this belief I have continued my musical studies, I have presented at various locations, I taught what I know, and I’ve been a songwriter and performer.

I was born in Brazil, São Paulo state, and I lived there until my teenager times. There was a great shortage of teachers in music there. Because of this and for the fact that ‘money’ being short on that time, I had to start my studies alone and learn music by myself.
I was self-taught in adolescence and later I searched for teachers to polish what I already knew.

I started playing in bands at age 18 and moved to São Paulo city in 1990 where I played in rock bands and night clubs.
In order to develop my musical ability issues I went to study with teachers who could help me in this matter.
So I went do study singing and harmony with a person who I consider a great musician: Paulo Sérgio de Brito.
After two years I studied with another great and famous Brazilian guitar player, his name is Faíska.
Later I studied at UNESP (brazilian university) with the great master of classic guitar player Diácomo Bartoloni.
I was very blessed with the teachers I had. I learned a lot and if I make missteps in what I do musically saying today, see that’s not their fault!

The self-studing process is a time consuming and often painful process. But the benefit I got from it was that it gave me the foundation to create my own method of teaching, which can be seen in my classes.

I taught private lessons in São Paulo and at Venegas Music School. Today, I continue “the battle” as a Brazilian guitar player, composer and music teacher, teaching personal guitar classes, classical guitar, bass, harmony, composition and arrangement.

May God bless you and may music helps us all to increasingly become our lives better!”
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